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Lesbian black web series

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Keloid Keloid is a supernatural drama about Keloid, a teenage boy who has the abilities of telepathy, teleportation, telekenisis and electricity control.

Follow them as they share a living situation that becomes complicated both in and outside of their beds. Perfect tits russian. Girls Guns Zombies, WordPress. So sit back, relax, and support these eight diverse indie web series and the people who made them. A Chicago-based comedy following best friends Marlo and Addy and their daily struggles of being artists, being women, liking women and finding their place in this vast world.

Follow on Social Media: The only work his agent can find him is in Connecticut. Lesbian black web series. Stone is the promiscuous bar manager who speaks his mind, Kori Jacobs is the homeless dance teacher, and Danielle Williams is the hopeful, romantic transgender female who always seems to save the day.

Although Camille chooses not to discuss her discomfort with Yuri yet, her inner feelings and fears are expressed well through point of view shots. You Might Also Like web series. Far Outhttp: It came as no surprise that the series was picked up by HBO with unprecedented swiftness and soon after nominated for an online Emmy.

Written by Michelle A. But instead of community theater and dog shows, writer and director Steve Silverman is poking fun at child beauty pageants with a wicked and sharp sense of humor.

Lesbian black web series

Outside comedy, two shows slipped their first few episodes onto YouTube, hoping to generate interest in larger, ambitious narratives. Nude lesbian videos. A docu-drama where real individuals who have survived drug and alcohol addition narrate their stories, which simultaneously dramatized.

Feedvia AfterEllen. Produced by Jeremy Batchelor. Watch first episode here: Share it Tweet Share it Share it Pin it. Fletcher and her best friend and assistant, Georgia George Drew. This popular web series explores the relationship of two teenage girls after one must move out of New York. That is Lewis in a nutshell. Keloid is a supernatural drama about Keloid, a teenage boy who has the abilities of telepathy, teleportation, telekenisis and electricity control.

Directed, written, produced by Rahwa Asmerom. Luckily, there have been queer creators of color producing content independently. Lovers and Friends L.

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Julian Breecehttp: Each man is at a different stage in his life romantically: This campy gay soap opera is a self-professed guilty pleasure.

These wins for women and people of color were noted by the press in the wake of the OscarSoWhite controversy, in which Hollywood continues to endure criticism for its lack of diversity. Patricia Sonia Denis is a sex-positive Black-American musician who is struggling to commit to anything: A prequel to here! Jason Leaverhttp: Deep Dish, who named it the best comedy web series ofsays: Debt Collectorshttp: A television series set in Atlanta, GA about three gay black men.

From Barcelona, comes a Spanish series with English subtitles that captivates you from episode one. Free young and old lesbian videos. Room 8CBS. Helena is sent to tutor Sara, a recalcitrant teen, but the lessons quickly expand into life and love, as the older and more suave Helena teaches Sara how to embrace her own identity as a lesbian. Written by Fatimah Asghardirected and produced by Sam Bailey. Lesbian black web series. Cowgirl Uphttp: Yaba Blay that celebrates — you guessed it — Black women.

Watch Episode 1 here. Watch for free on YouTube. In the Momenthttp: On the Comedy Shaq Network. Well-produced and very funny! Johnny B Homeless explores the comic adventures of a young man who migrates from couch to couch. Suki avatar nude. An unemployed business analyst and a comic book writer rent the same apartment.

Episode 1 free on YouTube. A web series about a nympho who abstains from sex before she finds Mr. Rose is coming of age, coming out of the closet, and hoping to avoid having a spotlight put on her life.

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Avant-Guardians Avant-Guardians brilliantly imagines what it would be like if guardian angels were in therapy, but these angels have brown skin and kinky hair. The first season sees Alex attempting to sustain her dysfunctional relationship with girlfriend Jackie, in the face of new life options and the resurfacing of an old flame.

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A lot of work goes into generating original content. A woman goes on a series of bad blind dates. She hears about a secret academy that trains superheroes, and the story progresses from there. Cara steel lesbian. Kalup Linzyhttp: Watch Episode 1 free. Lesbian black web series. Last year, the hashtag GayMediaSoWhite began a discussion of the unbearable whiteness of mainstream queer media.

After releasing the first set of episodes the team are planning to crowdfinance the full season to realize the complete vision. Rome, college, life between roommates, loves that begin to come to terms with society, prejudice and often with doubt about his identity.

The story about a former child star trying to make it again in Hollywood. Lainie kazan tits This web series is well-shot, hilariously acted, and is most definitely a must-see. A prequel to here! The series debuts in A three-season queer-friendly web series written and directed by Amira Shaunice.

TVOne tries to compete with BET BuppiesShop Talk in the web series game with this Office riff very popular in web series, for obvious reasons about workplace petty dramas.

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