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You will know who he cares for and just a heads up. It's often the way defense lawyers rely on traditional gender roles to perpetuate a narrative favourable to their female clients.

You seems very desesperate. Amateur hairy lesbian videos. Unfortunately we cannot accept your audition tape i. Ian watkins naked. Okay, raping babies is bad. Getting others blamed for trolling scores a perfect 10 on the trollometer! So what exactly did he do to his neice?

Now go to God. Posted by silly fangirl 3 yrs ago She wanted to meet him to give him some gifts but miss him, then she tweeted him to say she would leave it under a bench in cardiff ,thats when he tweeted back to sort it. Toddler Eats Her Purse!! Though in their defence about the horse vid, the tweet after that one says they decided best not to watch the vid. If only the son of God had wiped our memories of that horrible sight on the dry riverbed that day, he would have saved myself and all the Canaanites from the horror that we saw.

To right, u tell her she can put a sock in me anytime but she will need a few mulitpacks of socks to go in me. Justine waddell nude pics. I,ll keep your good name alive on my twitter. Posted by wildhearted 2 yrs ago I met Ian in Birmingham about 4 years ago when they played the Carling academy with the Blackout supporting.

The reason she is talked about on here is all her own doing. The descriptions of the assaults were horrifying. And you dont see her with her t its and gas h out on is anyone up either, she doesnt even like bands or go to any shows as far as I know, shed be a c rap groupie.

I was morbidly curious and thought "how bad could it be? Posted by Ian should stop 2 yrs ago Hooking up with groupies. Her career as a celebrity spunk bucket are over. Ian knows it, and she herself knows it. Shall I post my menu while in here? What a sad excuse for a girl! If for some reason you want to continue reading, the mirror is above. Richard Dawkins is a well known Atheist.

Posted by who the fu ck is that?! He was arrested and originally pleaded not guilty, blaming his actions on brain damage caused by steroids. Posted by LOL 3 yrs ago Trust me. As for being engaged, Ian tells lots of people they should get married etc, marraige and engagements mean nothing honestly. You had detailed discussions with Watkins about the sexual acts to which the two of you were going to subject your infant.

Posted by ian is 3 yrs ago on isanyoneup again lol.

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And no one ever said that he did. Travis lane stork naked. Big day Monday and you definitely need your beauty sleep. Jesus, your so vain. Ian watkins naked. Are you really that bored and obsessed with Jo and Ian love?

Read our guide to promoting your music. We the producers believe that your roommates would nominate you for eviction within 48 hours of your being in the Big Brother UK house.

Kell let me defend u from the nasty people like i do on on our special forum. Nick in a tub. Faked porn video interview made by trolls has been removed due to ongoing investigation. I was only slightly surprised at how far the rabbit hole went when this went public.

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Posted by and she is in Australia 2 yrs ago she finally updated twitter and it shows her location is Australia when you cl ick on her post. He was arrested for assaulting a young girl in early and came to the attention of the Secret Service when it was discovered that he had been writing letters to John Hinckley Jr. Nude girls over 40. The ones that are either do it themselves like jo and katie or have actually been SEEN with him. Enjoy being on and off with Jo and the rest of your skanks. She always pretends to have things in common with him too right after he tweets them.

Posted by help 2 yrs ago if the band know all about what ian gets up to surely they would want to help him instead of watching him sink lower and lower in to the gutter. Posted by me 3 yrs ago I actually think its great that he is with Jo. Posted by hahaha why 3 yrs ago Why isnt anyone saying the obvious? Posted by no kids are safe 2 yrs ago Boys or girls, ian pays his slu ts to let him fu ck their their kids.

He can die on the last day before his release. You look like you ran through Liz McDonalds wardrobe covered in glue. He and the mothers should be in jail for life. Watch lesbian movies online free. I think their guitarist even tweeted something like "Like this is something you tell your friends Music comments other discussions 7. I agree with the comments about Jo having brains and being talented, not the other c rap. Fridays are text post only Friday is for interesting discussions, not streaming music. Posted by those pics 3 yrs ago you can see ians neck tattoo in that picture and he got a neck tattoo in Does she have a new myspace or facebook or anything?

This is some of the most repulsive shit. What the fucking fuck.

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NUDE GIRLS IN HEAT You Watkins then said you could not wait to get mother and daughter taking crack cocaine.
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Girls ass boobs Do you really have nothing better to do than stalk the internet and feed gossip pages?
Elizabeth banks naked fakes Posted by you asked 3 yrs ago ianwatkinswdw on tumblr guys! In it she talks about her own incest experiences as if its something erotic and fun the stupid sick fuckwank and taking drugs in LA with Ian Watkins and getting a transexual to fuck his emo ass while she filmed it. Anyone who is a LP fan is bad news for him they only want him to show off to the other fans and gossip about him.

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