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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Urban Decay cosmetics. However, the colors I think I like best either got the lower grades, and one is Armor, which I already own from Vice. Watch lesbian movies online free. A company like Urban Decay knows by now that people are looking for quality. Thanks so much for the review. Urban decay naked palette ingredients. Urban Decay Whiskey Eyeshadow.

Thanks for the honest review Christine! They dubbed me the 'food tester'. After so many years I finally splurged and purchased the Naked palette. I am a huge UD fan but the lack of performance with the matte shades breaks my heart. Login — Share Your Look! Tip- yes, tap your brush, as you pick up a lot of color and this helps from fall out on your checks. Have a great day, Lala. Extreme lesbian massage. Every makeup look and collection must have a complete and detailed product list in the comments.

Eyes swelled this time for two days. Which is your favorite eyeshadow? So thank you for another honest and informative review, Christine! Newport Beach, CaliforniaUnited States. I do give myself time to fall in love but the jury is out.

Unfortunately this brand and eye shadow line fell short due to the following: There is never any influence to buy or not buy. Definitely a pass for me, though. Thank you for providing honest reviews. Be sure to check if this product has been recently re-formulated before using it yourself. Urban Decay Slanted Eyeshadow. The week after that, I used my Lorac Pro palette, but inadvertently used the same brush that I used Creep with it's a black brush, so I didn't see the color on it, also thought I had washed it but I guess I didn't.

Maybe somewhere there is an invisible force that prevents companies from finally releasing a great quality purely cool toned palette like this. There is a little sheen that becomes apparent when blended out on the skin, but it is slight.

It has probably been said before but this overall colour choice reminds me of the KvD Innerstellar Palette, Maybe this kind of look is a trend now… However, both palettes are pretty but still too warm for me.

And the primer vs. Personally, I love that Temptalia tests things on her bare skin, so we have a baseline and everything is able to be compared fairly, without the use of a product that has nothing to do with the product or brand itself.

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But great colors and poor quality do not justify a purchase from me. Ashley taylor dawson naked. Insert photo Add photo Upload photo Add photo. I love the Naked palettes and I have a whole completist thing going on, but this looks like it just might not be worth it. I always wear a primer UD Primer Potion with my shadows so I remain hopeful that the shadows will perform much better for me, than it did for you.

Sorry, it's a wall of text. Watch for Makeup Revolution. In the morning, I only get 20 minutes to do my entire face!! Personally, I love that Temptalia tests things on her bare skin, so we have a baseline and everything is able to be compared fairly, without the use of a product that has nothing to do with the product or brand itself.

I digress, but I always wonder this when I buy a product that is drastically different in quality. And they had no decent transition color, either. The Pulp Fiction palette was good overall. Brunette, Straight, Medium Eyes: I was kind of excited for this palette…but definitely skipping and just savings up to get more MUFE shadows.

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I also stopped using all the eyeshadow palettes I had and tossed my mascara, eyeliner, etc. I was hoping for more warm tones. Old photos of nude women. Urban decay naked palette ingredients. The shadow is just that good. I LOVE this pallet; it's great for every day use and for glamming it up at night.

Topical Antibiotic Free Topical Antibiotic. So many mattes — and I dislike mattes…. Instead, my new love affair is Charlotte Tilsbury Golden Goddess shadow will have to be it. This is from years of putting paraben on irritated skin so I was absorbing more of it than if I had healthy, intact skin. Slow milf fuck. Urban Decay Whiskey Eyeshadow. I hear great things about MAC. Soy Free Soy Free. At this point, when I see a group of colors that will actually look good on me, I assume they suck.

On the subject of primers, I have considered trying to use face powder that contains a lot of silicones.

They are like muddy but not the cool deliberate muddy. What actually wears all-day?!

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