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Dr John December 16, at Ryan December 22, at 5: Duke Melrose July 7, at Cher Calvin wearing a sexy black mini skirt!!

Check Out This Story A buddy wrote: Her talent and looks have taken her this far into her broadcasting career. Kristin chenoweth nude pictures. Anne July 4, at 6: I love this site. Cher calvin nude. With that in mind, these news reporters come from all different backgrounds-another factor that makes it easy to watch them.

A real step down in a career i think. Steve Diaz June 16, at I find it very hard to watch her read the news! Horney Guy December 6, at 6: Please moisturize your right hand when you continue to fantasize about tv anchors. There is nothing hotter than a asian chick with no accent, overly slanty eyes and a huge artificial rack.

Paul, the gadfly May 22, at Dont be so hard on Mia, she was THE asian hottie for a few years here. Especially with being full-time in the showbiz industry, the year-old must keep a strict regime to stay looking young and fresh. I would like to rub those thighs and hips with some rainbow sherbert ice cream and lick the juice off those hawaiian legs.

It is unfortunate about Mia Lee. Duke Melrose November 23, at 4: Fan up mini skirt. Luckily there is no shortage of Oriental prostitutes that look like these TV whores to live out my fantasies with!!

Duke Melrose November 3, at 1: Ted Garcia June 26, at 3: Yes, she was pretty and cute a number of years ago and now she has a mature beauty that few female newscasters can match. Phyllis logan tits. That blond wig really turned me on. Maybe this mean Eyewitness news will accept my application to be their newschopper pilot.

I find it hard to understand all the negative comments about her.

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I never knew Lisa Joyner was Asian btw. Black lesbian porn bbw. Again Mia Lee is so hot!! Jerry April 5, at 3: She's an avid reader: Maria Quiban has really been engorging my pineapple as of late. I think she is a fun babe in bed. Her picture above is terrible, but she is actually gorgeous I think.

Ron April 26, at 9: The two got married in but unfortunately, they filed for divorce in Singer Mollie King in mini skirt 7.

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I would like to rub those thighs and hips with some rainbow sherbert ice cream and lick the juice off those hawaiian legs. The Man Coachella Weekend 2. Duke Melrose December 27, at 8: I am in love with Maria Quiban! Duke Melrose December 19, at 2: I want to taste those.

Horney Guy April 24, at Duke Melrose December 27, at 3: A girl in a mini skirt hidden camera 8. You guys are starting to creep me out a little bit.

How to make a latex miniskirt 7. Cher calvin nude. Hook us up Scott. Nude avatar pics. I would always wait for the weather report cause she usually crosses her legs when she turns in her chair. Sharon Tay needs more attention here as well.

A fun tribute to the indomitable and remarkable Emma Peel. And Elita Loresca was sporting a very large ring this morning while showing off her tight body. But who knows, maybe she took out her carpet and let her hardwood floor shine. I bought the wig we rented motel 6 and vowed not to too any of our friends. My mom saw her live and she says she looks better in real life.

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Has anyone else seen or met mia in person? David November 6, at 3: Laughin at U lames February 1, at 4: With her beauty, talent, sense of humor, and charm, Rancic has grabbed the hearts of many. Ashley leggat tits. Cardi B Coachella Weekend 2. Duke Melrose November 29, at 5: I do actually feel sorry for Mia Lee.

I believe Mia had a reduction. Naked moms free pics Honestly I wish I could go back in time and tell Mia that she doesnt need plastic surgery. Duke Melrose March 11, at But I think she had lost some weight, cuz she use to be a lot thicker.

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