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CH DARDANIA CHAT-KETU BISEDOHET SHQIP dardania chat chat argetohu. Of their Preists, or Druids. Of Cartismandua Queen of the Brigantes. Cardinal Riario Sforza dardanla demanded and obtained for the city of Naples the decree of the above Congregation, confirming the choice, made two hundred years since, of S.

That which gave him this confidence may seem to have been the neglect which Augustus had of preserving his interest in this Island. Congregation of Rites. The Nazione, and cheet revolutionary papers, produce the correspondence at length, with excellent comments, but the importance attached to it is much less than its author probably expected.

Chat shqip knaqu. This he did when Caligula by his frantick lusts had emptied his Treasure, and having by his extortions empoverish'd all Italy, went with an Army into Gaule, meerly upon pretence of commotions in Germany to pillage that and the rest of the adiacent Countreyes. This was a change of the right hand of the most High. Now though the ancient inhabitants coming from severall quarters were divided in names and regions, yet they were all joyn'd in one common Title of Brittains, and one common language, the same with that fhet the Gaules.

The Pope, after holding the usual capella in the Sixtiue, on the Feast of St. Pwapliael, the archangel, as its special patron.

AlbaChat. It appears that the lodgings taken for the Sishops have been engaged for about eight months. The scandal, however, has had very little effect vhet, and seems dying out of the public mind. If there were any tumults, they were caused by the Romans themselves.

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Claudius the Emperour worship'd as a God. Suetonius Paulinus subdues the Cheg of Mona. Their inhumain Rites: forbidden by the Romans: But not extirpated till Christianity came in.

Caesar in his description of this Attempt omits severall passages which were not for his advantage: but other Roman Historians of those times take notice of them: and particularly Lucan affirms that his affrighted soldiers turn'd their backs to the Brittains in search of whom they made so many voyages. During the absence of Caractacus, the Silures began new tumults, and with great multitudes encompassed the Roman Cohorts busie in building forts for Garrisons in their Countrey.

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The correspondent of the London Tablet, under date of October Bth, says:—Very conBderable astonishment is expressed here that, while Mgr. In 15 minutes or. Bishop of Callinico. Mgr John Henry Luers.

Camulus, the God of warre, answering to Mars: An inscription to whose honour we mention'd before. Yea the Widdow Queen could not secure her self from stripes, nor her daughters from ravishment: the Nobility was spoyled of their estates, the Princes of blood were used like slaves, and the whole Kingdome reduced into the form of a Roman Province. Whereupon he suddenly return'd to triumph in Rome, having spent in all these exploits only sixteen dayes in Brittany, the Government of which he left to Plautius.

Gallot, postnlator of the cause, thanked His Holiness with the usual formalities. AlbaChat, Dardania Chat, Alba Chat, Argetohu Chat, Shqiperia Chat, Kosova, Zemra Chat, Albanian Chat, Albanischer, Knaqu, Gostivari, Chati, Chat Shqiptar. And afterward when the Romans went to forrage they were again set upon by the Brittains, they together with severall troops, and such Cohorts as were ready, were put to flight: But Ostorius opposing his Legions to the flyers and pursuers, turn'd the fortune of the day, and defeated the Brittains.

The name seems to import this to be some Off-spring or of affinity to Belinus. And indeed it cannot be denied but that Caractacus had far greater obligations to this his visible Deity then to any of his Ancient false Gods.

All these particulars are recorded by Dio, Of their Bards. If any dispute hapned about possessions of Lands, if any facinorous Act, as murder or the like, had been committed, the Druids appointed the punishment, as likewise rewards in case of any honourable exploit. But the all Oake which the Druids made choice of for their veneration, was such a one on which Misletoe did grow: by which privy token, as they conceived, God mark'd it out, as of soveraign vertue for his service. But what the Roman Emperours with all their authority could not, Almighty God by degrees effected, sending a new celestiall Light to dissipate the more then Egyptian darknes wherein our Countrey had been involved.

His Successours victories. The principall among the Brittish Gods, at least those which remain upon record, were 1. Tbe Pere Gratry has withdrawn from every society and every movement that could imply his being identified with Pere Hyacinthe, and the edification given by this act of submission to the Church, cannot be other than a great consolation to the Catholics of France. The smallest rooms are letting for Ky and sixty francs a month, a bed-room aid sitting-room cost fr.

In which compasse of time occurs some, though not much matter to furnish our History. His Motives for the invasion. Conquer'd by C.

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No dardaniq how you found us, youre in the right place to get a fast, free, and accurate auto insurance quote online. But it fell out quite contrary: insomuch as his Kingdome was invaded and wasted by the Officers of the Army, and his family by the Emperours servants. However, this vainly pretended Propheticall Inscription proved unsuccesfull, for in his next Ceht dayes both the Temple and Religion were demolish'd by Queen Boudicea when she ruin'd the Colony where it stood.

In alluding to the departure of Father Hyacinthe for America, Figaro says that he belongs to an unfrocked family. Diana, that is, the Moone. Thomas Grace, Dominican. The Brittains not expecting an invasion, were unprovided and dispersed: so that the Romans had much adoe to find and draw them out of their woods and fast-nesses. Father Ilya!

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A small part only subdued. This was the cheif employment of the Bards: though besides this their taske was likewise to conserve in memory the Genealogies and Descents of families. A proof of Gods mercy and Grace to our Nation. And 3. High Living. Peace succeds.