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In the last nine months, over piink deaths have been reported, eight of them out of Florida [1]. Pink belongs to a family of deadly synthetic opioids far more potent than morphine. But experts say the most effective prevention may start in the home, at the computer and the mailbox.

Florida s Ohio, Wyoming and Georgia in outlawing the compound and other states are looking to do the same. One bad decision can have permanent consequences. So what is it?

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is times stronger than morphine. Because it is legal, access to it is extremely easy, especially through online avenues where it is commonly sold.

Drug facts

Over the past 5 years, reports have surfaced of multiple deaths due to street use of Ponk or "Pink". In one patient who presented to the emergency room, naloxone Narcan was administered which reversed respiratory depression and pinpoint pupils. According to DEA, no other reports of use in the U. Pink's name comes from the pinkish hue of the powder. This increases the severity of its side effects.

Adam Kline, Police Chief of White Lake, Michigan, told CNN the drug can be legally purchased on the “dark web” in the form of a powder, pill or nasal spray. It may be sold in glassine bags stamped with logos imitating heroin, in envelopes and inside knotted corners of plastic bags.

Synthetic opioid "pink" drug use in the united states | the bbc of florida

The news and stories that matters, delivered weekday mornings. Pink effects as reported by users are similar to the effects of opioids, which might include: euphoria, feeling "high, and other psychoactive effects sedation, relaxation, numbness severe, possibly fatal respiratory depression pinpoint pupils. By doing this, we begin to normalize the conversation. Melissa Davidson, mother of a Park City teen deug had friends in common with the dead boys, showed NBC News on her home computer screen how easy it was to find the drug for sale with just a few keystrokes.

Powerful heroin substitute called pink being sold online

However, laboratory analysis confirmed that they contained Pink. Most importantly, the National Institute on Drug Abuse and DEA emphasize that Pink is extremely dangerous and has been causing even more confirmed deaths throughout the United States in recent years. Animal studies have shown that the analgesic activity of U was reduced by naltrexone, an opioid receptor antagonist. For more information, see the DEA news release on its scheduling of Pink.

Piink the chemists who manufacture the drugs can invent new variants as fast as the states can outlaw them. There are like s and s that you can buy this stuff online. And before nrw know it, it may be too late to combat. The temporary ban gives the DEA three years to research whether the drug should be permanently controlled. Since last year, this dangerous synthetic opioid has been linked with at least 46 confirmed deaths—31 in New York and 10 in North Carolina.

The DEA is also currently working to put regulations in place.

These Pink drug producers avoid legal trouble by giving a false notice of its intent: They say that it is for research only and not intended for human use. But its popularity continues to spread. In late September, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi ed an emergency order outlawing the drug after it was tied to eight deaths in recent months.

But Pink, a relative newcomer among the synthetics, has been implicated in 80 deaths across the country in just the past nine months, according to Pennsylvania-based NMS Labs, which conducts forensic toxicology tests. Pharmaceutical fentanyl was developed for pain management. Pink is eight times stronger than heroin, the article notes. Though its own tally is only 15 deaths, an agency spokesperson said the was probably higher because of challenges and delays in reporting.

Importation into the U. Drug Enforcement Administration DEA has temporarily classified U, nicknamed "Pink," a schedule I drugwhich drg it has a high potential for abuse and no approved medical use.

Dea temporarily bans synthetic opioid u ("pink"), linked to nearly 50 deaths | nida archives

Additionally, users often buy this deadly synthetic opioid without knowing the risks. The new synthetic opioid that is being called “Pink”, “Pinky” or “U-4” is to blame for an alarming rise in fatal overdoses across the country.

Even small doses can be very toxic or even deadly. Because Pink is a synthetic opioid, its chemical makeup is manipulated to be seven to eight times stronger than heroin as well as much more potent than morphine. The drug, along with other synthetic opioids, is being shipped into the United States from China and other countries. DEA Let our news meet your inbox. Jane, however, was worried about her friends at school.

U | just think twice

Last. As with any drug, there are slang terms that people use to in place of dtug proper name. According to the Federal Register at that time, there were no current investigational or approved new drug applications for U which might hinder its placement in Schedule I. The U ban allows them three years to research whether something should be permanently controlled or whether it should revert back to non-controlled status.

The strength of the product can never be assured, and may be much stronger, as it is a deer drug made in illegal labs. It is one of many synthetic deer drugs.

Law enforcement agencies have seized the drug in powder form and as counterfeit tablets that mimic pharmaceutical opioids. In druug. By Partnership Staff November Get the latest news from our field up now for a weekly digest of the top drug and alcohol news that impacts your work, life and community. Unfortunately, Pink drug abuse has been spreading throughout the United States despite the notice of its intent, costing the lives of many users. It has also been confiscated as a separate product.

The drug, also known as U, is responsible for dozens of deaths nationwide, the article notes. Temporary emergency scheduling of dangerous illicit drugs is one tool the DEA uses to help restrict potentially fatal and new street drugs.