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Swanitc parties Seeking Couples

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Swanitc parties

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My wife was more excited than nervous. The staff and other patrons were fun, sexy and most of all genuinely great people.

We travel often but if and when an event lands on a time we are back in town, we will definitely be there!!! We are seeking those not only looking to engage with like minded individuals in great conversation but also some hard core safe fucking. Other than that I recommend attending.

S.w.a.n.i.t.c. events

Don't bring ya bois with you if they are not on the invite list. I went to my first SWANITC bi play party last month and it was a fun experience, everyone made me feel calm, I wasn't pressured into anything partiez could relax. SWANITC All-Male Adult Party - 03 on Feb 7, in Washington, DC at Downtown Washington, DC. They will be tured away are the door.

As a matter of fact we didn't know he was who he was until we were getting dressed to leave ssanitc he asked if we enjoyed ourselves. Please leave your attitude at home. Posted by. Violation of the any of the above rules could result in no admittance or immediate expulsion from the party. We've been to swinger events before and stopped going because of the over aggressive single men.

Basement boi parties

She was very nice, professional and accommodating with our questions. The patrons and people in charge of the event were equally warm and receptive to me. For my first group experience, it was a success.

There is def. We're cleared and registered within a few hours. Online Door Pay Registration ends at on day of event, Sat.

By the time 10 PM arrived the time the play area opens we are ready to go. If everyone were allowed to attend then we could not call this party Ultra-Exclusive, correct?

Event info for bi masquerade cocktail & play party

We went upstairs to the play area to check things out and never left the area. During the swanitcc hour pm we all got to know each other with several ice-breaker games. If you have some sexy bois who you think might fall in line with the vibe of the party and would like to invite them, please swaniyc them go through the same process as you. Just ask one of the hosts upon your arrival, we'll get you whatever you need.

When we showed up to a very stately house in the Shaw, NW area of DC, we were greeted by a unbelievingly sexy hosts named Silky. Register for this event on Eventbrite YOU MUST. We were hesitant The only issue I had was the parking situation, so I suggest taking the metro! Every invitee was hand picked. Strip down at the door Boxers Only on nothing at all We heard about this event from friends of ours another couple.

My wife told him she was waiting to play with him all night, then he told us he needed to make sure things were partiies smoothly and introduced himself. Even though I always considered myself a closeted bisexual I rarely engaged. To ensure a great experience sdanitc everyone we do have a few rules. There will be a few fine ass white bois here.

One would think it goes without saying but, obviously not. SWANITC Parties are sophisticated exclusive adult events catering to bisexual individual & couples with discerning taste and absolute discretion. If they are not your thing kindly ask them to step off but do it respectfully. We normally. Place condoms, paryies and lube packets in the trash after use. We've been to several play parties and this was one of the most well produced events we've been do.

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So, is everyone an abercrombie model? NO SEXing in the bathrooms.

Oh also, the people in charge were organized and well put together. After a drink and a little conversation, we were at ease. I hope to attend more of parhies and connect with interesting individuals.

Nikki introduced us to the group that was chatting around the bar area. I will definitely inform my friends about this. My wife was a wild woman and I loved every bit of it! From time we send our initial form in we found the staff to be very professional. We have everything you need should you need to unsure that you are CLEAN; from showers, fresh towels, fleets, etc.

S.w.a.n.i.t.c party

Just Do It!!! Hopefully I'll be able to go to more events in the future.

We were very surprised at how respectful the gentlemen were.